A journey of discovery

A strong academic core is the foundation of any school experience—however, a true education embraces more than what is taught in class, practiced through assignments and homework then tested in exams. Ultimately the goal of an education is to help build the whole person and make that individual maximumly impactful to society. Said differently, the entire point of an education is to help a person be the best version of themselves. This is a practice that never stops, we keep at it throughout the entirety of our lives. Education is a way of life, it’s a constant journey of discovery.

Our approach

Home schooling does not have to be a solitary experience with limited social interaction for learners and their parents. Community is a big part of any school experience.

Team activity is at the heart of campus life in many schools, from theatre to football (both kinds), spelling bees to chess teams and everything in-between. Team activity and team identity is an important part of the memories students build about their time at school. Explorer School is no different.

Societies and Clubs:
Math Debate Explorer Volunteers
Fitness and Wellness Chewa/Nyanja Icibemba
Silozi Kaonde Lunda
Tonga Mambwe Tumbuka

In addition to these societies and clubs, students will be able to establish new clubs and societies as they see fit from time to time. All clubs, societies and activities are to be supervised by teachers with the relevant area expertise. We intend to add more activities in the coming months, including team sports in all the cities in which we have student presence.

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