Media Consent Form

As a Parent/Guardian/Caregiver please tick the box if you have read and agreed to the terms and
conditions stipulated in this media consent form.
As a Parent/Guardian/Caregiver I hereby give consent to Explorer school and its affiliates to take
or have taken by others, photographs, digital images and/or audio and/or video footage (also
referred to in this form as the “images”) of the student named below, and to store the images, make
copies of the images and publish the images in any form, in whole or in part, and distribute them in
any medium including, but not limited to, print media, the Internet, CD-ROM, other multimedia
uses or graphic representation, cinematography or video. Explorer school shall reserve this right in
I consent to the images of the student being used by the school provided to others for the following
• Formulation of general content to be made by the school for distribution to other learners and the
general public.
• Formulation of content for promoting and advertising the school.
I hereby give permission for my child’s photographs /videos to be featured on the school website
and social media platforms for Explorer school and its affiliates.
I hereby give permission to Explorer school and its affiliates to take or have taken photographs
, digital images , videos, /audios( also referred to in this form as images ) of me if need be for
events like community week, orientation week, feedback and testimonials or any other
event/activity that requires a parent to be captured for the purposes determined by the school in
I understand that neither I nor the student will be paid for giving this permission and Ii hereby
waive any claim that I or we (parent/Guardian/caregiver and Student )may have or may have had
for remuneration, residuals, royalties or any other payment in relation to content provided as
described in this consent form in perpetuity.
*Disclaimer: Please take note that the above Media Consent Form is governed by
the Laws of Zambia and by signing this Media Consent Form you consent to be governed by
the Laws of Zambia.

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