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Here you can find the list of most frequently asked questions 

1. What is ES?

We are an online international Upper Primary and Secondary School that do all our teaching remotely over the internet and in real-time.

We offer live, scheduled classes accessible during normal school hours. Our learners interact with their teachers and other learners just as they normally would in a formal classroom. Same experience- but from home.

We cover grades 5 through to Grade 12, and A-Levels.

2. When will classes Commence?

Teaching is scheduled to begin in the second week of June, 2020. Orientation of learners will be conducted in the first week of June to ensure they are prepared for classes.

3. What curriculum is available?

We offer the world’s most sought after international academic programs for Upper Primary and Secondary School. This includes the Cambridge International GCSE (IGCSE), the Cambridge GCE, as well as national programs from South Africa, and Zambia.

4. Do you have an exam Centre?

Although the Explorer School is not yet a registered examination center (as we offer online learning and have no provisions to administer online final exams) you will be able to study, practice answering exam questions, discuss and troubleshoot tricky topics with your peers and tutors and register to write your exams via your chosen center.


International GCSE and AS/A-Level Qualifications allow students to write exams almost anywhere in the world. This can be done through the British Council and registered Cambridge schools that accept private candidates. We are happy to share a list of these institutions in your countries. To get this information contact us at Clearly state the country you wish to write your exams in and we will provide as much support with a list of the registered exam centers that accept independent candidates near you.

5. What e-learning platform do you use?

The Explorer School uses Class Guru, its proprietary e-Learning system to enable learners to interact with their Teachers and with each other both during and after class time. Learners can also submit assignments, course work, projects and homework on Class Guru. In addition, teachers can upload all course materials which will be made available to learners whenever they need it. Class Guru is also a social network that enables its entire community of learners to build lasting friendships just like they would in a normal school campus. Learner safety and protection is of the highest importance to us. All Teachers are screened and we conduct background checks on every applicant to prioritize the well-being of our community both for our learners and teachers.

Learners have access to subject specific chat rooms moderated by Teachers to give learners and parents an opportunity to fully engage with different topics.

6. Where are your teachers from?

We have Teachers from around the world including:  Zambia, Botswana, South Africa, Spain, Singapore, India, France and Hungary.

7. Who can apply?

Explorer School is available in Europe, South Africa, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, UAE, Bahrain, Australia, and the USA.

8. What time are the classes scheduled?

We offer live, scheduled classes accessible during normal school hours. Our learners interact with their teachers and other learners just as they normally would in a formal classroom. Same experience—but from home.

9. Are lessons only accessible during class time?

Teaching will be done through our e-learning platform where material will be uploaded, we will also conduct live classes that will be recorded. Learners are able to download this information on our e-learning platform.

10. Are learners able to download material online?

Learners are able to download material and recorded classes on our learning platform to access at their convenient time.

11. How do we make payments?

Payments are to be made on a monthly basis, through any of the options below: 

  1. Online payment portal
  2. Direct bank deposit
  3. ZAZU wallet

12. How are assessments of Learners conducted?

Teachers will provide learners with continuous assessment to be conducted on a regular basis; quizzes, tests, assignments and any assessments using our e-learning platform (Class guru). 

13. How long has the school been in operation?

Explorer School is a new School that has been developed as a response to the global pandemic.

14. How to apply?

Please visit our website to make your application, a member of our team will contact you to give you feedback on your application.

15. Who are the founders of Explorer School?

The Explorer School is a division of Explorer Academy, a US based education technology company. Explorer Academy is an affiliate of Nkwashi, a US$1.5 billion private city being developed in Zambia.