Explorer School: Class Rules

All explorers are expected to follow the following rules:

    1. Always be respectful: While it is easier to say hurtful or disrespectful things without standing face-to-face with someone, it is important to remember that your classmates and teachers are real people who are affected by the words you say and write.  It is essential to keep in mind the feelings and opinions of others, even if they differ from your own.  If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t say it online either.

    2. Students should have their audios/mic muted during classes but can be unmuted at the discretion of the teacher (for example if the student has a question or are allowed by the teacher to participate).

    3. Students should be in a conducive study area with quiet surroundings, and good lighting during class sessions.

    4. Students are not allowed to chat directly with other students during class as this disrupts concentration levels. We provide a discussion forum for that on Class Guru.

    5. The student’s video feed is required to be on at all times during classes. Students not compliant with this rule will be required to leave the class unless a good reason is provided and the teacher accepts the reasons. 

    6. Students who are not in class 5 minutes after class begins will not be allowed in the class after the 5 minutes elapses. If reasons were beyond the student’s control, they are to notify the school as soon as possible to ensure that the absence does not affect their attendance. Honesty is cardinal and if any false reporting occurs and is discovered, this will result in the following actions:
    • First time offender within the month would have-CP (Call Parents) Parents/Guardian alerted of the student’s behavior.
    • Second time offender within the month- Suspension from classes for a month.
    • Third time offender within the month- Expulsion from Explorer School.
    1. For tests administered online, parents/guardians are to ensure that students have a suitable device with a working camera. It is the responsibility of the parent to verify this with the Class Guru team prior to the first day of exam.

Our Current Weighted Grades

Percentage BreakdownGrading processDescription of processes
10%Active class participationThis means asking questions to gain clarity on subject matter. It is also given when the student makes a valuable contribution to the topic under discussion, and shows evidence that the student read widely on the topic prior to the lesson.
5%AttendanceAttending classes consistently.
5%PunctualityAttending all classes on time.
30%Continuous AssessmentsThis makes up all the tests, home and projects done during the term.
50%End of term testsThe end of terms tests will be used to assess students’ termly subject specific progression.

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