Author: Thelma Zimba

What your kid needs to know about money

What is Money? Money is anything that is generally accepted as a medium of exchange and can be used in the settlement of debt  Blanchard(2013 ) .Money is so important ,  other  scholars or skeptics may even claim that our modern  society worships money .Do  we really  worship...

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The biggest challenge that teachers and parents face in online classes? Undoubtedly, it’s dealing with the constantly falling attention of learners and engaging them through the learning session. Online learning is the most serious issue since there is no human touch involved, and...

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Git: Version Control for your Code

What is git Git is a version control system that is used to track changes in sour source code during development. To install git go here Basic Git Commands git init Run the following command in the folder or location that you would like to be a git...

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The Economics of Time

“Time is money, time waits for no man, the right time will come. The emphasis on the importance of time goes without question. Is Time more important   than money? Is Time money? You waste time every day but how often do your account for it?  What if we viewed time the...

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