A 21st century primary and secondary school without borders

Live teacher led online classes with world class teachers from around the world. The international school experience meets digital homeschooling.

For only $30 a month get access to amazing teachers from different parts of the world, and your choice of globally regarded international curricula: from Cambridge GCSE to the American High School Diploma, and more…

Real classes, world class teachers, real results and 100% committed to child safety!

How Explorer School works

Full Time Classes

Our teachers use live video conferencing to teach their classes every day like they would do in brick and mortar classes.

Trusted Content

World class content created by experts. Our library of lesson packs and study materials ensures learners can go into the details after class.

Trusted Curricula

We know parents want the best for their children. We teach time tested international curricula, giving your child a leg-up in a competitive world.

Great Teachers

Our highly experienced and passionate teachers come from all over the world and bring their global perspective to their classes. All teachers go through comprehensive background checks.

Collaborative Learning

Students fill gaps in their learning by working through problems with their peers, tutors and teachers.

Community of Trust

Learners collaborate and connect with other students from anywhere in the world. Building friendships with people from other cultures but all in a safe space. 

Don’t forget about extracurricular activities!

Going to school at home doesn’t mean giving up on extracurricular activities.

We encourage activity and creativity; everything from video editing, to blogging, to composing music, web development and design, student led clubs, and so much more… Building the whole person goes beyond academics.

Every child deserves a world class education

International private schools are often thought of as stepping stones to a world class university education. They are also expensive and not accessible to most people. Explorer Preparatory School has been built to change that. An international school experience that is affordable and just as good.

COVID 19 Statement

With physical schools closed, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it increasingly necessary to have creative ways of socializing in a safe way.

Our solution to this need is – have our explorers engage in safe interactive engaging classes. They will be able to chat and see each other in a virtual classroom. In addition, we will have subject specific chat rooms moderated by a qualified and well experienced tutor. This way learning is definitely beyond the classroom! Our teachers, learners and parents also get to meet people learning or teaching from all over the world. Parents can also engage in the parental chat rooms to have consultations with teachers to ensure the learners are get the very best.

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A 21st century primary and secondary school without borders

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